Friday, June 5, 2009

The Reason

Okay, I know some of you have been worried about me after reading my last post, and for that I am sorry. The reason for all my tears is this: we have been told that Shyanne will be leaving very soon. Her aunt has decided that she wants custody of her. We started the transition process on Monday when Mom took Shyanne to meet her aunt for the first time. I'm not sure exactly how long the transition is going to take, but I believe it will be within the next six weeks. The aunt seems to be a very kind, Christian woman who is open to allowing our family to continue a relationship with Shyanne, which is a positive thing.

However, even with that, this is going to be a very painful trial. In my heart, Shyanne is my child. Having her taken from me will doubtless be one of the most difficult things I have experienced, and possibly will ever experience, in life. I am struggling greatly with this and would appreciate all of your prayers.

Once again, I'm sorry if I worried you all, now you know the reason. I love you all and thank you for your prayers, love and support. You are amazing!